The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

September 30, 2011
By Kadye McCarthy BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
Kadye McCarthy BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold illustrates an overwhelming story of love, family and acceptance. The main character, Susie Salmon, was a friendly and well known individual. As any girl growing up, she had a crush on a boy in her school. However, at the age of fourteen Susie became a victim of rape and murder by a neighbor; who was a serial killer. After each murder, the perpetrator moved to a different town. The family and friends are left to deal with their loss of a loving daughter and friend.

After the unbelievable tragedy the family and friends find their own way to cope with Susie's death. While watching and narrating the story from heaven, Susie has to bear what she sees down on Earth. Problems arise within the family in response to their loved one's death. The brother and sister fulfill their lives, while Susie watches from above. Throughout the years, her friends grow closer to each other because of the tragedy. During this time the murderer moves freely on with his life. Stuck on Earth, Susie appears to the people in her life wherever they are. Once the important individuals in Susie's life accepts that she is truly gone; Susie will be able to ascend into heaven.

Sebold does an excellent job at portraying a tragedy that can be seen today. The family and community's reaction to the untimely death was illustrated perfectly. Also everybody copes with their grief differently and in their own way. A reader will learn when an individual passes away, that person will always be there in spirit. Even when a loved one passes away, the love for them should never diminish. I highly recommend this mesmerizing novel, The Lovely Bones, to minors and adults due to how the story is portrayed.

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