PEAK (by roland smith) by Roland Smith

September 29, 2011
By coolbeanz10 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
coolbeanz10 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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By: Roland Smith

At 22,000 feet above sea level, you can’t really catch your breath. In Roland Smith’s adventurous book PEAK, there is heart grasping moment’s wile a fourteen year old is climbing Mt. Everest. Peak (the main character) endures a lot of hardships on, and off the ice.

As Peak grows up, he loves to climb, but one day a crazy stunt sends him to Tibet to live with his father that he hasn’t heard from in years. In this book there is a story, almost written as a journal, which has no weaknesses that I can think of. At the beginning he talks about himself, and I really liked that.

Near the end of the book, a dramatic climax is unfolded and has an unexpected twist. As I read through the falling action I was relieved with the choice Peak made. I really like this book and all the deceiving choices Mr. Smith, the author, made to help this book become what it is.
This book was awarded Rebecca caudle award in 2011. The reason I think teens should read this book is because there is a lot of action that you don’t usually get in a really good book. It is also very informative about what it’s like climbing up a mountain. If I was to give this book a rating from 1-10 I would give it about a nine.
I really liked this book and I thought it sounded very exciting because I’ve always thought it would be very hard to climb Mt. Everest. I hope you read this book and like it as much as I do.

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on Nov. 3 2011 at 8:56 am
coolbeanz13 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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im just kidding i liked it........


on Nov. 3 2011 at 8:54 am
coolbeanz10 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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I really liked this book. Now i want to climb. yyaaayyyy!!!

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