the boy in striped pajamas by John Boyne

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

When an eight year old German boy named Bruno gets sent to a house near a concentration camp containing children, the results are deadly. His parents, in attempt to protect him, have not told him why they were there, and what’s to stop a terribly bored eight year old boy from going and making a couple of new friends?

Bruno, a young boy who lived during World War II, was sent to a house near a concentration camp after a man referred to as ‘The Fury’ visits his house and promotes his father to commandant. Unfortunately for Bruno, that means he has to move to a place called ‘Out-With’, away from his family, his big house, and his friends. He sees a few boys in the same pajamas and is curious why they are there, but even more thrilled to see someone near his own age to possibly play with.

While this book does start out slow, it is truly an amazing read, and teaches the problems in an adult society from a kids point of view. I like this mainly because of how well-built of a character that Bruno is. It’s like the author knew exactly how an eight year old thinks. A great book and not too long that you loose interest either.

I would recommend this book to people who like realism, friendship stories, or to people who like war stories. If you aren’t afraid to smile or cry while reading a book, pick up this book today.

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