Escape Velocity by Mark Walden

September 22, 2011
By Grant Baker BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
Grant Baker BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
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The book Escape Velocity, composed by Mark Walden, is a great book to read. This book keeps you wrapped in until the very end with heart pounding action occurring on every page. I never wanted to put the book down when I was reading it. Otto Malpense, the main character, is an interesting person because of his many talents. Otto attends a school called H.I.V.E., The Higher Institute of Villainous Education. This novel has a great conflict.

During the novel, the headmaster of H.I.V.E., Dr. Nero, is kidnapped. A person, the Contessa, betrayed the school in the previous book of the series, The Overlord Protocol, and takes over the school. She is hated by the pupils and the staff at the school. Otto and his friends decide to help save their headmaster and save the school. This book has an exciting ending, and this book is one that I would recommend.

Otto is an interesting person to read about. He is able to lead a group of operatives on a mission. He can also control a computer from his mind. Because of this ability, he can get any information he wants from a computer. These traits make him an interesting main character that would keep you wrapped into the book.

As you can see, the book Escape Velocity is a great read. If I could recommend a book to someone, it would be this one. Otto’s character and the epic plot will keep you interested in the story. Go out read the amazing novel Escape Velocity by Mark Walden.

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