Animal Farm by George Orwell

September 12, 2011
By Daniel_B BRONZE, Gresham, Oregon
Daniel_B BRONZE, Gresham, Oregon
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Imagine a place where you work as hard as you could, as long as you could, for minimal gain. Your authority and boss thrives off of the spoils of your labor, lazy and content. How do you feel? Oppressed? Helpless?

That world is a reality for the animals of Manor Farm. They pull their loads, give up their eggs, produce their milk, and finally get slaughtered for the profit of their master, Mr. Jones. They know nothing else. But, when a respected old pig named Old Major has a dream, he learns of a song that sings of land free of humans, full of joy and freedom for the animals. He shares this dream with the rest of the farm, and sudden hope sprouts from depression. Talk of a revolt begins, and soon zeal is in the air.

Old major dies a peaceful death without seeing his dream come true, but the hatred for humans continues to grow. Soon, the revolution is spurred into action, without any real planning and almost like an accident. Yet, the animals are free! Easy days and leisure follow them, keeping Old Major’s promises intact. However, some sort of authority is needed, and that authority will come from one of two pigs that were raised for the job. The pigs attempt to oust each other and gain sole control, and chaos ensues. What will happen to the animals and their ideas of freedom and perfect joy?

George Orwell wrote this book as a reminder of the potential corruption of some governments, including Communism and Socialism. A lot of people assume that everything other than democracy is bad, solely because democracy offers equality, while not a lot of other governments to that. Orwell will have you asking yourself why Communism could be bad, and then finding worst-case scenarios that will teach you something about corruption.

Animal Farm is one of the best books written by George Orwell, who was one of the best authors of his time. The twists will keep you turning the pages. You become attached to the characters, even if they are animals. You feel their pain and see their situation. Animal Farm is only a little more than 100 pages, and is able to sustain tension throughout the whole novel. It does not only educate you, it helps you remember and treasure your most important right: your freedom.

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