Z for Zachoria by Robert C. O'Brien

April 13, 2008
By Brad Muse, Ann Arbor, MI

How would you like to be the only one left in the whole world. In the book Z for Zachoria by Robert C. O'Brien, Ann thinks she is the only one left on earth because of a nuclear war. Everyone in Ann's family except Ann's brother. Ann's family leaves Ann and her brother home alone when her family goes and searches for other people. Little did they know that Ann's brother snuck into the back of the familys car. Ann's family never came back so Ann was alone.

Ann thought she was the only one left until she saw a man in the distance. Ann didn't go up to him right away, she waited. Ann went to the guy when she discovered that he was sick. Ann went to help him back to regular health. It took him a while to get back to health, they figured out that he had swim him in water that was really toxic. I'm not gonna tell you the end because thats the best part.
I liked this book for many reasons mainly because of the ending. The ending was my favorite part because it was suprising. I thought Ann was just gonna die because she was alone and no one else was alive in her area. I liked how the writer pulled me in the book and it felt like I was sitting there trying not to be seen like Ann. I felt like I had to hide in the cave and not go out until I was positive that I could make it. Another reason I liked it it is because the writer pulled me away when he started talking about the dog. I thought the dog was gonna have something to do with the ending. That pulled me away.

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kayla said...
on Feb. 6 2009 at 4:24 pm
love the book =]


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