Flawless by Sara Shepard

April 10, 2008
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This book is one of those that make you stop and think about what you read. The author, Sara Shepard, wrote it very well and she intentionally wrote it to make you think that A, the mysterious person the girls are getting notes from, is Toby, a boy who knows things from the girls' past. While I was reading, I truly thought it was Toby, and was shocked at the end when it wasn't, so she did an excellent job. I think this book was almost better than the first one she wrote because now I have more of a feel of the characters and what is happening. I also liked the way she handled some events. For example, towards the beginning of the book she mentions that Toby did something that was absolutely awful that only Spencer and Ali knew about. Then throughout the book, she mentions it more but never says exactly what it is that Toby did until the last few pages. The suspense of not knowing almost killed me and I had to keep reading until she finally revealed what Toby had done that had drove him to do something that I had no idea would happen. I think Sara Shepard did a great job of writing this book and she has very good ideas. I recommend reading this book, but of course you'll have to read her first book in the series- Pretty Little Liars for it to make sense.

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