Snake Head by Anthony Horowitz

April 9, 2008
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The book Snake head is the 7th Alex Rider book; it is also one of greatest book that I have ever read. I love the way Anthony Horowitz writes, his descriptions of the characters and of the place's that they are in. He takes you out of the world and pulls you into the world of Alex Rider. You feel like you are really there. Even though you don't see any pictures you can see everything that he writes! One of his best descriptions is when Alex sees his new home when he is an Afghan. “The door had no handle so Ash pushed it open. On the other side was a bare room with a metal bed, a spare mattress on the floor, and a grimy old window. The room had no light, and no carpet. As Alex walked in, the biggest Cockroach he had ever seen climbed over the side of the bed and scuttled across the wall”. I think that was a really good description is because you see such a difference from one nice hotel to a run down one, because you just can't picture seeing a big fat ugly cockroach in a hotel!
From the day Alex arrived in Afghanistan he has a feeling that the man that was looking at him in the airport with a yellow poppy in his front pocket was following him. So he decides to follow the mysterious man to a Buddhist temple. The temple is full of monks and tourists so Alex loses sight of this man and, ends up with someone sticking a gun at his back! Alex realizes that he has been easily pulled into a trap probably it was pulled off by Snake Head!
I found this book to be excellent! It is filled with action, backstabbing, lots of good descriptions, and lots more! I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some excitement. It is defiantly on my list of great books. Anthony is one of the best writers I've read. I guarantee that you will love this book!

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punkskater0001 said...
Mar. 26, 2009 at 9:00 pm
I liked this book I think the begining was a little boring but as you get in to the book it is very interesting
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