Anne of the Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

April 9, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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The story, Anne of the Green Gables, was an exciting adventure in my own sitting room. The author, L.M. Montgomery, made it really seem like Anne Shirley talked all the time! I could see and image of Anne in my head, so I think she used quite a lot of great descriptive words for her story.

Anne of the Green Gables is my most favorite book. Anne, somewhere in this novel, says that she is ‘Anne of the Green Gables'. Whoever asks her where she comes from, or who she is, she plainly just states that she is ‘Anne of the Green Gables'. Anne ventured into Marrilla's and Matthew's house and soon became known as Anne of the Green Gables, not as Anne Shirley anymore.

The Author, L.M. Montgomery, is now my favorite author. This is because she writes in a way that's all flowery and makes you feel all tingly inside. That's probably because the story is set in the olden days on a flowery, beautiful island. The writing is set in that way especially when she talks to a guy she thinks she hate. L.M. Montgomery lets Anne show her feelings for him in her thoughts in a cursive sort of style and then when she speaks to Gilbert she speaks hard and lets him know to back off. I like it when she writes that ways, because it brings a little bit more suspense into the story which makes you want to read on.

Gilbert Blythe, one of the main characters in this novel, likes Anne quite a lot, so he tries to get her attention. Anne, on the other hand, tries to ignore him, but when Gilbert starts calling her ‘carrots', Anne goes mad with fury and hits her slate on his head. After that, Anne decides never to talk to him again. That part really sank my heart, because I thought that Anne would like Gilbert back; but she just couldn't understand why he wanted to get her attention so much. So, he had to hurt her.

Also, somewhere in the story, Anne looses Marrilla's favorite broach. She denies that she ever had the broach. Marrilla says that if she didn't tell the truth and confess, Anne wouldn't be able t go to the annual picnic, which only comes once a year.

To find out what really happens you'll have to read the book. Do you think Anne will ever forgive Gilbert? Do you think she''ll confess and got to the picnic? I'm not lying, but I think everyone who likes a god old book should give this one a try! It is a very lovely book.

People who like romance, comedy, adventure, drama, extremely sad stories, and poetic books should read it, because you'll find all of that put together into one book, Anne of the Green Gables.

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