Forged By Fire by Sharon M. Draper

April 9, 2008
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Gerald had a life full of abuse and neglect. His mother Monique, who is addicted to drugs and irresponsible mother “clicked out of his life”, abandoning Gerald at three years old, alone with no one to take care of him. He played with his G.I. a lighter, not knowing at the time, what he is getting into. The result, an apartment on fire and a mother thrown in jail for possession of drugs. Thankfully, his loving Aunt Queen stepped in Gerald's life ready to give him the love he never had. Day after day, his concern and love for his mother faded and always looked forward happily what his Aunt Queen would offer to give him the best life.

BUT on the day of his ninth birthday Gerald would expect the unexpected—both grief and astonishment. Gerald again, encounters estranged mother with a new husband, Jordan, and a sister Angel, he didn't know he had. Monique wanted her son to be back in her life, but all Gerald could think about was the past that kept them apart. Suspicion crept up on Aunt Queen's mind due to Angel's startled actions. The caring Aunt wanted Angel living with her but hope vanished. Aunt Queen dies leaving Gerald to live in the abusive world of Angel and his mother. Everyday, slaps, bruises, and screams filled the house of Gerald's violent life. His out of control step-father, Jordan not only abuses Gerald and his sister but, sexually harasses Angel. Gerald keeps Angel under his wings and also watches Jordan. Will Gerald ever step up to the plate and confront his step-father? Or will Gerald and Angel have the normal life they've always wanted and be able to leave the past behind?

Forged By Fire leaves you at the edge of your seat and makes you craving for more. The author uses emotions that you can tell what the characters feel. I recommend this book to you because it is sad, heart warming, and heart pounding. The book also relates to teens in real life that are facing the same situation as Gerald and Angel. This book is the second sequel of the dramatic Hazelwood High Series.

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mikia123 said...
Mar. 9, 2012 at 3:20 pm
i really love this book. i can read this book a thousand of times and don't get tored of it. i really hope a movie come out for this book. love mikia
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