Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Patton

April 8, 2008
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The novel Cry, The Beloved Country
is a bit like a South African
To Kill A Mockingbird, where
both follow the same idea:
legal racism of their times
perverts true justice.

Unlike To Kill A Mockingbird,
Cry, The Beloved Country is written
with a sophistication that you
don't see in the other novel.

With To Kill A Mockingbird, you
see the story of a trial, another
story before, and then the two stories
come together.

Cry, The Beloved
Country, on the other hand, takes the story and "cuts it up" in the form of reactions and

It starts
with a note about the land, then a "pre-story"--a pastor
looking for his son--and then
explains the murder (a white man who
who fought for blacks' rights)
and its impact (the white
population in confusion on
what to do with the blacks)
then the father and son
"reunite", then the story
goes to the murdered
man's father being told
the news and the father
reading the papers of
his late son, then the
trial, then
a note about gold...In
other words, the novel
contains mini-stories within
the main story that contribute
and add depth to the novel, making
the story multi-faceted.

In other words, a good story
written with depth, understanding
and care. I very much enjoyed

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