House of the Scorpion By Nancy Farmer

April 8, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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Nancy Farmer tells a truly outstanding story in the award winning book, House of the Scorpion. This tale is one of hatred, hardship, and woe. The life of a boy named Matteo Alacran. Matt is no ordinary boy though. He is actually the clone of the world's most powerful drug lord. Due to this, he is despised and feared by those around him. Even at the age of six, he is thought of as nothing more than livestock. He is only accepted for what he is, a clone but also an understanding and caring person, by three people. These being his mother figure Celia, his bodyguard Tam-Lin, and his only friend Maria. In an estate as large as the Alacran's though, this is a small amount. Matt must fight for everything that he gets. Only seldom is he ever helped by the true Matteo Alacran. Because of his immense power though, what he says gets done.
Matt goes through the same things that everyone else goes through. He is different in the fact that he also has the added thoughts of what being a clone truly is. Add to that the fact that everyone seems to be conspiring against him and are not as they appear. Due to him learning many of the evils of the world so quickly, many of Matt's thoughts are largely distorted. This distortion is made very clear when he thinks things such as brainwashing, and cloning are justifiable due to their efficiency. This does not change the fact he has the mind of a child. His self assurances that the world could not be as bad as it is are something that many remember going through as a child.
This bleak look at the future keeps you in suspense from cover to cover. Nancy Farmer has truly created a masterpiece in this book. The characters described in the novel, though in impossible circumstances, are easily relatable to daily life. This book is one that shows the true skill of its author. This is a must read for anyone that enjoys science fiction, or just wants to have their thoughts provoked by this not too distant future novel.

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