A Wrinkle In Time by Madeliene L’engle

April 8, 2008
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The author Madeliene L'engle impressed me a lot with the book A WRINKLE IN TIME. I just couldn't believe a writer could think that much and express a person's feelings that clearly. The author worked hard to get a publisher to publish this book. Fortunately, her efforts were fruitful.

The book was rejected by 26 publishers and then was published by Farrar Starus. The book won a lot of prestigious awards and one of it was the Newberry award. In the beginning of the book, I was shocked about how the author described Meg's depression and how she got over with it. The book was totally fantastic. The overall thing I like the best was the description of the feelings of the characters.

All through the book Meg tries to ignore that she doesn't know where her father is. When she finds her father, she thinks that it is the end of their problems, but it is the beginning of the rows and rows of trouble. Charles Wallace is in the custody of evil.

They quickly tesserate and come to an unknown planet. The creatures there have no eyes, and feel around with their tentacles. Meg is about to die because of tesseration when they go through the evil, but those creatures are going to help her out. Mr.Murry and Calvin feel uneasy with the creatures, but after they mingle with each other they feel OKAY. I chose to describe this scene because this was the climax of the book.

I say that everyone in the world should read this book. The author should translate the book into other languages, too. The one who hasn't read the book is a fool. There are lot of vocabulary words in this book and some of them I had to check in the dictionary, which was very good. There was one part in the story that Meg had to resist the evil brain by reciting the alphabets, some poems, the equations, and the periodic table, too. The way the author thought of resisting the evil brain was wonderful.

This book shows how to handle feelings. It also shows that if there is a defect in a person, you just have to forget about it. This book is more than fabulous. The thing that made the book great is how she stopped the evil from controlling her brain. I am sure no one has ever written such a good book and no one ever will. If someone tries to write like this, it won't be as good as this book.

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