Diving In by Kate Cann

April 8, 2008
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Kate Cann's “Diving In” is the first book in a series of seven great fiction books.

Sixteen-year-old Colette spends most of her time swimming her problems away. Most of those problems are home related, so she stays as far away from home as she can and for as long as she can. The rest of her time is spent fantasizing about a mystery man who loves swimming as much as Colette. At the beginning she knows this mystery man as Achilles. Soon she finds out his real name is Art, a seventeen-year-old who fits the description of tall, dark, and handsome. Plus, he likes to swim as much as Colette does.

Why does Colette spend all her time away from home? She usually spends her time at the pool to watch Art swim. This could be because her little sister, Sarah, makes a religion out of being helpful making Colette look lazy. Or it could be her parents. Her dad always talks about how things should be equal but is to busy working. This doesn't help her mom's theory at all. Her mom believes that all men are worthless. Her mom is what you would call larger than life. She's big and loud.

Through new relationships, break-ups, and surprise relationships, this book covers all situations normal teenage girls experience. I loved this book so much I would read any book that she wrote. After reading three books this series, I can't wait to dive in to the rest. Read this book and get lost in the romance between Colette and Art plus a surprise romance you never would have guessed. I recommend this book to all teenage girls.

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