Dead Connection by Charlie Prince

April 7, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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Alone, quiet, and weird (as most would consider him) Murray secludes himself from the world. Placing a wall between his home, where his mother has different men over every week since she's a prostitute, and school where he has no friends, Murray does what he can to seclude himself from everyone else. The only place he finds as a sanctuary is in an old cemetery. Here he sits by the gravestones……..talking to himself? Well that's what it looks like to the people that see him sitting there day after day, but in truth he is talking to his friends, “Dearly” and “Beloved”. If you haven't guessed it yet, he can talk to dead people. As the only one who sees them and talks to them, he thinks it's his responsibility to help comfort them so that they are not lonely. Besides he preferred keeping his distance from everyone else, but thing tend to change. Especially when the daughter of the cemetery's caretaker, named Pearl, finds an interest in him. This leads to a new friendship that starts out a little stressed, then blooms into something a little bit more.

But the peacefulness doesn't last long when Murray hears the sad cries of a new person. His search with Pearl leads to the disturbing truth that there is another body buried in the cemetery that's not supposed to be there. When they locate the voice and hear her story they try to unveil the truth about the missing girl, but who would believe that someone could talk with the dead, even worse, they might become suspects themselves. Still they fight to spread the truth and find the person in charge of this heart wrenching murder.

To make matters even more complicated the only witness, Robert, can't remember due to his illness. This doesn't stop Sheriff Gates, who works hard and carefully with Robert to slowly recover the memories of the incident. Matters get even worse when Officer Billups decides to get revenge on Murray for an incident that happened a few years prior.

This story is a thriller filled with suspense and takes a very unexpected turn in the end. It is definitely a great book for young teens and adults and will leave you asking questions and wanting more.

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