Shabanhu By Suzanne Fisher Staples

April 7, 2008
By Megan Payne, Littleton, CO

In the very beginning of the book Shabanu’s sister goes out with her father with a camel and the camel was close to death and so her sister was trying to help the camel live and the camel was about to be having a baby. So any way she was trying to help the baby come out so she liked pressed on the camels stomach and stuff trying to get the baby out so than finally the baby plops out of the moms stomach. So than she goes and gets her father to come help and look at what just happened. Well the father comes and sees that the camel has passed away and they are both real sad. Well any way the mom camel dies and the baby lives and makes it.
For the main character of Shabanu her life is sweet and cruel at the same time, whose home is the wind-swept Cholistian Desert of Pakistan. The second daughter in a family with no boys she has been allowed freedoms for bidden to most Muslim girls. Yet her parents soon grow concerned of her disinterest in “woman’s work” . Shabanu’s father has arranged her to be married. Shabanu knows that is how the family goes. A tragic encounter with a wealthy and powerful landlowne ruins the marriage plans of her older sister. And Shabanu is called upon to sacrifice everything that she has dreamed of.
Well personally the book had a good theme and related to life. The book also had good structure and a lot of words it also had good litetutre the book had some good lessons. Well when Shabanus sister got married I thought she was way to young to get married. To me she got married at a very young age like my family you would usually get married at 21 or around there. Well I thought the book was great and I would recommend it to almost anyone.

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