Days of Tears by Julius Lester

April 6, 2008
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This book was amazing. I liked this book because it was easy to follow and in dialog format. This book was not to long book. Also how the people show there accents in the reading it was weird the first chapter but it adds a lot more flavor to the book. One of the popular masters of a plantation had a bad gambling problem. It got so bad his wife left him. He owed some of the other masters a lot of money still so he had to decide witch slaves he wanted to sell. He had a real hard time to decide because they all grew up with each other and he did not want to separate them. So once he decided he took his daughters to the action and they got to see the auctioneer humiliate the slaves. But the masters just thought it was like a comedy show. The slaves all had to be put in a horse stall to have the masters get a better look at them. When the master and his daughters got home he made a decision he wanted to move out of state. He did not want to sell his plantation because he did not know what would happen to all the other slaves. The girls were up stairs getting help getting ready the master calls the girls down and the slaves knew why the dad told them we are going to leave state to go and live with family for a while. The girls wanted the slaves to go because they got so attached to them. Now I want you to read the rest to see what happens to all the slaves he sold and if he comes back to the plantation.

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