One Fat Summer by Robert Lipsyte

April 4, 2008
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Are you looking for a book to read? I would recommend One Fat Summer, by Robert Lipsyte. Robert Lipsyte does a great job expressing the issue of how your look can affect your life a lot. One Fat Summer is mainly about a really fat kid named Bobby and how he deals with his most umluckiest summer.
Bobby has a friend named Jeanie. Jeani is Bobby's only friend. It was hard for Bobby to make friends because he was over weight, but Jeani has a look problem just like Bobby, although, it was in different a way. Jeani's nose was so ugly that nobody noticed the rest of her face except for that unperfect nose of hers, but Jeanie and Bobby are best friends and they don't seem to care about how they look. Except, for this summer, when Bobby had a lawn mowing job and starts to lose weight, Jeani went to the city to get a nose job without telling Bobby, leaving Bobby alone for almost the whole summer. Then when Jeanie comes back, not only did her nose changed, but everything changed, Jeanie starts to flirt with the other boys and starts to act different. On top of all that, Jeanie's friendship with Bobby seems to fall apart. Jeanie was so busy doing her own things that she don't even have the time to hang out with her old friend, Bobby.
Bobby always thought of himself as a fat kid who can't stop eating, but he learned something really important during this poor summer that some people might never be able to learn in their whole life. Bobby learned how to be a man and what it really takes to be a man even if you don't look so good from the outside. If you want to know more about the fastinating story of Bobby, read the book! It's really good! You'll love it!

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