Dead Connection by Charlie Prince

April 2, 2008
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This is a mind-boggling story about two kids helping to solve a murder. Murray Kiefer, an outcast at school, spends all his time in a cemetery. He has a very unusual but gifted talent that nobody knows about. He can talk to the dead. The other kid that puts this case together is a girl named Pearl. She lives at the cemetery because her dad is the manager of the graveyard. One day, late October, a girl goes missing from Murray's school and detective Gates is put on the case. A couple months later while walking through the cemetery, Murray hears a moan, and a cry like somebody needed help. That's when Pearl gets nosy and wants to know what Murray is up to. She rubbed Murray the wrong way and got in a huge fight but ended up being his only real friend. Finally the two kids track down where the voice is coming from and remember the missing girl. They contact detective Gates and finally he has his first lead. For months he was getting no where and didn't have one suspect but within a day the case was almost solved. Everything is being narrowed down and time is running out. You will be thrilled by the outcome of this book. This is a must-read for everybody.

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