Clique by E.C. Harrison

March 17, 2008
By lexi gill, St. Joseph, MO

E.C. Harrison used an approach to target pre-teens or teenage girls. The Clique is a book about a group of best friends who are trying to get themselves through ODC Middle School. The school is an all girl school where the latest fashions are a must. E.C. Harrison has several other following novels to the series, The Clique Series.
The Clique happens to be the first one in the series. This is a light book that can easily be read in a couple of days. This book has short chapters and an easy level read.

Clique has two plot lines; one is from Massie Block, and the other is Claire Lion. Massie Block is the ever popular, good fashion taste, and snob. Massie’s dad offers the Lions’ family to stay in their guest house while Mr. Lion looks for a job. Lion brings his family with him which includes Claire. Massie and Claire are the same age and now have the same home. Also they attend the same school. However, Claire isn’t popular enough to hang out with Massie and her gang. Overtime, their paths cross, causing several conflicts.

This novel is a fantastic life-like story of how middle school is run. Claire wants friends but unfortunately for her, her clothes aren’t up to style for that to happen. Claire is perfectly fine with her no-name sweat pants and Keds tennis shoes. Claire really wants to fit in with Massie and Massie’s friends. She makes several attempts to bond with her, but none work. On the contrary, Massie always has to be the “top dog”. She’s got her won little group who will over every single one of Massie’s commands. Massie thins that Claire doesn’t fit in with her group. Since Claire doesn’t up to her standards, Massie is mean and rude to Claire making sure that Claire wont become popular. This book shows both points of views effectively.

Clique is an adolescent lit. with non-stop laughter. I usually don’t like reading but this book got me glued to it. I couldn’t put it down. If you want to see if Claire finally becomes “in” then you will have to read the book!!

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