Best Friends For Never by Lisi Harrison

March 13, 2008
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The Clique series Best Friends for Never was written by Lisi Harrison. The book is about five girls, that want to have a boy and girl Halloween Party. So they pretend to be friends with a new girl Claire, so they can have the party. The audience for the book is probably, girls around 12 and up. So far I like the book and I think it flows well, and is easy to read.

This book is pretty good compared to books on the same topic, because it is interesting and, it has a good plot overall I think it is a good book. Overall what has happened is Claire, a new girl moved to town Massie the other girl is trying to convince her that they should be friends, so they can have a Halloween party. Then she is very rude to Claire the whole time. The night of the Halloween party everything has turned out good, but Massie is very rude to Claire the whole time but it makes it more interesting.

Next, I think the book has been very good it has lots of Interesting parts in it and their isn't really any dull spots, it is also something that a lot of girls, can relate to because maybe some of the same things have happened in their own lives. Overall, I have really liked the book I think it has a good plot.

Best Friends for Never, is a good book it has lots of things always happening, it sends a good message but I think the story line could go a little quicker maybe in some parts of the book.

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