Bee and Jacky by Carolyn Coman

July 19, 2011
Bee and Jacky Cooney-brother and sister-were close as children, almost too close. They had only each other for company when their father returned-injured-from Vietnam. Soon they drifted apart. But years later, when Jacky is seventeen and Bee is thirteen, their parents go out of town for a weekend, setting off a disturbing chain of events that Bee and Jacky (and the reader) will be haunted with.

This was an amazing book, and I loved it. It was only 101 pages, which was the perfect length, long enough to cover what the author was saying but short enough to be captivating and not drag on. This book is original, symbolic, heartbreaking and hopeful.

Because it handles some tough topics, readers of this book should probably be over fourteen. But adults will love this book just as must as teens!

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