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July 19, 2011
“Screenwriting For Teens”

It is a sad fact that the majority of our population consists of people who absolutely despise the idea of writing anything more then a quick text to a friend. And for some, even that is too much, but it is still very true. Just ask any High-school student, a five paragraph paper equals hell. What about those select few however? The rebels, the ones who let creativity flow out of the tips of their pens, and let sparks fly as they furiously peck away at their keyboards. What about them?

Well...there's a book for them. It's called "Screenwriting For Teens". And, if you ever thought you could coin an iconic one-liner, this is the book that will show you how to create the character to say it, and the story to weave him, or her into. "Screenwriting For Teens" won't only introduce you to key concepts in screenwriting, (one hundred to be exact), but it will also show them to you. How you ask? Through the clever use of "look and learns", which will tell you where you can see these concepts in dozens of classic films.

The author, Christina Hamlett, also very kindly provides you with multiple websites that can help any budding screenwriter move their dreams from the pillow-top, onto the big screen.

While reading you will also encounter writing prompts for each concept. These prompts will not only help propel your script forward, but also cleverly engages you in a “learn by doing” type activity. This way, your writing improves as your knowledge of the process grows.

“Screenwriting For Teens” is a great book for beginners looking to learn the essential basics, as well as experienced writers who need a brush-up. So if you are one of those rare intellectuals that enjoys creating worlds with words, head over to and pick up your copy today!

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