This Lullaby

June 11, 2008
By Brynna Rao, Cheshire, CT

Remy, an 18 year old girl, has everything down to a science. She is a total perfectionist from keeping her room spotless to how she breaks up with a guy. After all, she has learned from the best, her mother, who is currently on husband number five. She has always kept standards. She wants to hate this guy, but there is something about hum that she just cannot get enough of. Will she lower her perfectionist standards in order to let this man into her life or continue to try to ignore his existence?

Sarah Dessen's talent for character development shines through in this novel. Her dysfunctional teenage characters gives off a comical sense to the story that is extremely intriguing for many readers.

This captivating novel won a PW Best Book of the Year award ad also was a Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist. Sarah Dessen is also the author of six other well known novels for young adults, some of which include, That Summer, Someone Like You, and Keeping the Moon. Her books That Summer and Someone Like You have been adapted for the movie How To Deal, starring Mandy Moore. Sarah Dessen's most recent novel is The Truth About Forever.

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