Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer

June 9, 2008
“At Gladstone's we sell quality!” Jenna Boller is a young, red haired, tall, female! She can sell just about any type of shoe! In the book; Rules of the Road by, Joan Bauer, Jenna deals with adventure, lessons, and strict, old people!

Rules of the Road is about Jenna Boller, who works happily at Gladstone's shoe store. If there is anyone who would need a miracle to buy a pair of shoes, Jenna is your miracle! But with an alcoholic father getting in the way, things are very difficult to cope with. Jenna is a strong minded woman who lives with her mother, and sister (Faith.). She didn't expect anything big to happen for summer, but Mrs. Gladstone disproves that!
Jenna is asked to drive Mrs. Madeline Gladstone to Dallas Texas. The money is good, and Jenna thinks of her dream car, and she finally looks into going.

Mrs. Gladstone, a strict, ornery, old woman has to be driven in a Cadillac all the way from the Gladstone's shoe store in Illinois to tons of different Gladstone's until they arrive in Texas, for the stock holder's meeting, where Mrs. Gladstone is to retire and pass down years of Gladstone history, to her ungrateful son, Elden Gladstone.

Jenna Boller has to adapt to living with Mrs. Madeline Gladstone but after a while, Jenna gets sucked into the adventure, and begins to see Mrs. Gladstone's point of view. There are funny, sad, and tons of Cliff hangers in; The Rules of the Road.

The Rules of the Road is a five star book that is worth reading. Jenna experiences adventure, sad times, and an epiphany! So remember, “At Gladstone's we sell quality!”

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