The Tenth Circle

June 4, 2008
By Ashley Zimmerman, Attleboro, MA

How far would you go for someone you love? This is the question Daniel Stone is faced with after learning his beloved daughter, Trixie has been date raped.
The Tenth Circle, written by Jodi Picoult, wonderfully tells the captivating story of a teenage girl growing up and faced with one obstacle after another. As a freshman, Trixie is fascinated at the thought that everything in her life seems to be going perfect. She has lots of friends and a senior boyfriend.
Part of every child's life involves growing up. The only thing that makes this more difficult is when parents don't want to let their child go. Daniel Stone has always seen his daughter as a helpless little girl who relied on her father for everything. Sooner, rather than later, Daniel learns she is not his little girl anymore.
Trixie's world begins to spin out of control when her boyfriend, Jason, breaks up with her. In an attempt to win him back Trixie attends a party where the unthinkable happens. One thing leads to another and before she knows it, Trixie has been raped by non other than the one she loves, Jason.
A small town in Maine experiences quite a shock after this news is released. Such a thing is unheard of, especially if the suspect of the rape is the beloved hockey star, Jason. Questions began to stir. How could this happen? Is Trixie telling the truth?
In The Tenth Circle, Picoult shares a story within the novel. Interwoven throughout the book is Daniel Stone's comic book about a girl who is taken by the Devil into Dante's Inferno and her father who literally goes through hell to save her. Hidden inside the pages of the comic are letters that come together to form a message of the overall book. Look closely.
The Tenth Circle centers on a tough subject and is most appropriate for young adults.
Picoult gives great insight into Trixie's horror story and readers will feel as if they are a part of Trixie's life experiencing all the pain and grief this book centers around. Picoult is an award-winning, best selling author who keeps her readers interested till the very last page. The Tenth Circle is sure to keep the reader's attention and will surely be a great read.

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SimoneXD said...
on Nov. 16 2011 at 1:39 pm
Why is it always the one you love who hurts you ? I am totally reading this !


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