Girl Bomb by Janice Erlbaum

June 4, 2008
By Stephanie Ann Reis, Attleboro, MA

Girl Bomb by Janice Erlbaum is a great book that the reader will have a hard time putting down. In this well written memoir, the young Janice takes an adventurous journey through her dangerous and rebellious teenage years.

When Janice's mother takes back her violent boyfriend Dave, fifteen year old Janice takes off from her mother's Brooklyn apartment and checks herself into a shelter for homeless teenage girls. At the shelter, she is beaten up and bumps heads with an angry, pregnant girl, who tries to stab her.

Rarely having a bed to sleep in, Janice still attended high school and joined the school's drama club, although she and two friends were always on the look out for boys and drugs. Together they attended night clubs, smoked angel dust, and slept with each others' boyfriends on a regular basis.

One day Janice meets a man named Sebastian and falls in love with him. She leaves her street life and moves in with him. Sebastian introduces cocaine to Janice and they start dealing.

In this remarkable memoir, Janice experiences the trauma of death, drugs, sex, and strange friendships, which some teenagers also experience.

Eventually Janice overcomes her need for drugs and becomes a successful columnist for BUST Magazine, a popular magazine for women. Erlbaum volunteers at shelters for homeless girls and lives with her domestic partner in New York.

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gdmcrlover said...
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does anyone know where i can read this free online???


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