The Sweet Far Thing

June 22, 2008
The Sweet Far Thing is a really great book. It literally made me cry. I just couldn't put it down. This book is about a strong, akward girl who is starting to understand the world around her and the other. Gemma Doyle.She holds the magic that she binded to her three months ago after defeating Cire. Scared to use the magic or even try at first. Soon she finally finds the secret
door that leads to the other world.
Gemma has her two best friends at her side Felicity and Ann; but often gets side tracked from the main goal she needs to get to. Gemma is the Lady Hope of a place called the Realms. The Realms is a magically, bueatiful, ugly, scary place. Things are happening fast and Gemma needs to find out who to trust. It's hard when you think everyone is after your magic. The Visions, a forbidden love, lies, fights, people chasing her, parties, debuts, and fighting for your life. Gemma is pretty wiped out, and still has work to do. Ater this wild ride Gemma and her friends will never be the same.

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Lanier42 said...
Jun. 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm
i've read this book so i know what you're talking about, but to someone who has no idea who circe is or what the realms are, it could be very confusing. and i almost cried at the end. thats the only thing i do not like about this book :'(
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