After by Amy Efaw

June 26, 2011
By Hope_Faith_Love BRONZE, Weymouth, Massachusetts
Hope_Faith_Love BRONZE, Weymouth, Massachusetts
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By the time I closed the book, I wish it wasn't finished.

After, a wonderful book by Amy Efaw, changed some of my views on life. It taught me how every one of our wrong decisions/actions will have to be served consequences. It taught me to always think before I speak, think before I do, and to think before I make a drastic decision. In only 350 pages, this book taught me more lessons than I would have learned in a 2,000 page book.

After a few chapters, I had developed a connection with the main character, Devon. Almost any teenage girl could relate to her. She was concerned about her looks, she fell in love, she faced financial struggles with her mother, she had to come to terms with not knowing her father and most of all, she tried her hardest to be the best at everything she did. Her denial was something every girl could relate to.

Soccer was her life, but because of her dumb decision, playing soccer was no longer an option, it was physically impossible.

After was a book that showed every step Devon went through before and after her bad decisions. It showed her feelings, inside and out, her experiences in prison, her feelings with her mother, her feelings with her decisions and the after math of that decision.

The ending was something I couldn't really understand, it was something that I couldn't relate to. She had two decisions, once again. She picked the one that I would never pick, that changed everything. The last page was the one that made my jaw drop because it was something I wouldn't have picked.

If you are looking for a page turner, that brings you on a roller-coaster of emotions, that makes you compare your own life to the book, that teaches you about what decisions could change your life, that even throws in some lessons in the Law, and that invites you into the brain of an average teenage girl that committed an unbelievable crime, then After is the book you should read.

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