Cruise Control by Terry Trueman

May 5, 2008
By Shelby Schillinger, Hennrietta, NY

Paul lives a life which most teenagers shouldn't live. “My only brother is a veg.” “Yep a full-fledge, drooling fourteen year old idiot.” Paul says.
Paul the main character in the book Cruise Control by Terry Trueman, has a hard life; he lives with his mom, sister Cindy, and disabled brother Shawn. Paul's dad moved out of their house when Shawn was just a young boy. Paul struggles to understand his father and why he is trying to get back into their lives, but the only one who understands is his best friend Tim, but when Tim goes to jail his life is turned upside down again. How will Paul win the basketball tournament without Tim? Will Paul ever find out why his dad really left him? Will Paul let him back into his life?

I really liked this book; it was hilarious and shows great voice! I would recommend this book for mature teenagers, boys and girls, who like to get inside character's heads! If you like this book as much as I did, you should read the book Stuck in Neutral.

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