Nothing But the Truth by AVI

May 5, 2008
By Jacob Brown, Rochester, NY

Philip Malloy's life is good. He has a girl who likes him and he is going to be the top track runner. All of that changes when he fails English.

Phil hates his English class and he hates his English teacher Miss Narwin even more; Phil also has Miss Narwin for homeroom, which makes things worse. In the morning on the announcements, the National Anthem is played and the kids are expected to stand in silence. Phil does not stand in silence; he sings the National Anthem. He does this every morning, and Miss Narwin tells him to stop. One morning she snaps and sends Phil to the vice-principal's office. You must be asking yourself what happens next. I am not going to tell you and hopefully you don't find out because personally I thought the ending was stupid.

I was shocked to find out that Nothing But The Truth by AVI was an award-winning novel after I read it because I thought that it was boring book with a bad conflict. The conflict was bad because all that happens is Phil fails English and he cannot run track. SO WHAT! The only thing good about the book was the occasional two page chapter. I recommend this book only to people who are deep readers who really get into the book. I do not recommend this book to anyone else because I couldn't wait to put the book down and stop reading it.

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