Flipped by Wendelin Van Drannen

May 5, 2008
By Jessica Clark, Rush, NY

“My mom didn't understand why it was so awful that ‘that cute little girl' had held my hand.” Bryce Lowski does not like Julianna Baker. However, this misunderstood girl is completely in love with him.

In the book Flipped, Wendelin Van Draaen tells about Bryce and Julianna's eighth grade year. What makes this realistic fiction book so unique is that it is told from two points of view. The story kicks off when Bryce moves into Juli's neighborhood. It's love at first sight for Julianna, and she can barley live without him; Bryce doesn't really feel the same way towards Juli and treats her terribly. She eventually gives up on him and thinks she's better off without him. Now the tables completely turn when Julianna starts liking another boy. Bryce then becomes very jealous and realizes what he's missing.

I recommend this book to any teenagers, even adults, looking for a funny love story. Wendelin Van Draaen does a phenomenal job of keeping me from putting this book down. Wouldn't you like to find out if Bryce and Juli ever share their ever-lasting love for each other?

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