The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

April 29, 2008
By Alexsandra Severino, White Plains, NY

Have you ever felt like the whole world is on your shoulders— like your trapped and can't get out of this problem that will probably effect your life forever? The first Part last is a fiction book by Angela Johnson. Bobby the main character in this book feels the same way. This book talks about the trials and tribulations of a young boy who has to raise a child on his own. It's about a young boy named Bobby who discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant, and at that moment his adolescence flashes before his eyes. Bobby has to take on parenthood headfirst and while everyone around him is doubting him.

This book sends the message that you can not give up when you come to a hard part in your life, and that you have to overcome it and just get right back up from it and not let anyone one put you down.

I like the way the author formatted this book. She has the characters having all sorts of flashbacks in the book which lets you know what happened in the past, while telling you what is happening in the present at the same time in the characters life . In this book you really go through Bobby's feeling with him, like sadness, doubtfulness or him worrying if he could make it with a baby or not. For example, when Bobby said “I have to be a man for this baby. I can't act like a boy anymore” this shows Bobby's willingness to raise Feather, his baby right. I think that this book was good at explaining what the character felt and what they were going through.

I recommend this book for teenagers because it shows she reality of teen pregnancy. It shows what some teenagers really go through, and how they have to face parenthood at such a young age, and take care of a kid when they are only a kid there self. I think that from reading this book you can learn that just because you are young and made a mistake it doesn't mean it will all go away when it gets hard. You realize that you can't take the easy way out, because no matter what you choose you will live with it forever. This book teaches you that you need to be careful because raising a baby and taking care or another life is a big thing, and people should think about it more before they make rash decisions that can effect their life and the way they live it in a big way.

Angela Johnson is the winner of a 2003 MacArthur Foundation genius grant, a half-million-dollar prize awarded to few people in the arts. The award recognizes her ability to craft children books. This author has written some stories for young adults and about realities that they face. Angela Johnson is a known and appreciated Author that is known for her moving books.

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