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Lone Survivor by Patrick Robinson

April 20, 2008
By Zack Downard, Newbury Park, CA

If you like an action packed story with people falling down mountains, fighting for their lives, struggling to survive, and all this happening with bullets flying and that actually happened then Lone Survivor is the book for you.

It all starts with the main character Marcus Lutrell. He is a young buy with a great aspiration to be a Navy SEAL. First, his dad teaches him how to survive in the wilderness, then how to hunt and shoot a gun. Then, he goes over to a neighbor of his, a former Green Beret sergeant and gets special forces training from him. He helped him get physically fit to take the stress from the training. Finally, he heads off to BUD/s training to become a seal. He makes it through the training and becomes a SEAL. He meets his team and they are sent on a mission called operation Redwing which involves taking out a high priority Taliban leader. After the mission being recalled several times it is finally ready to start. They are deployed into the Hindu Kush mountains. In the mountains there are tribes of men who have lived there for decades which makes it twice as dangerous. While they are over looking a village where their target is hiding they are ambushed by hundreds of taliban fighters. As they retreat down the mountain under heavy fire they lose members of their team one by one. Until it is just Marcus, the lone survivor.

Lone Survivor is the story of how the will of a man carried him from one day to the next as he was being hunted down. I highly recommend this book to someone who likes an action packed book that you wont want to put down which is how it was to for me.

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