Pipe Dreams by Kelly Slater

April 20, 2008
By brent jensen, Newbury Park, CA

In Kelly Slater's Pipe Dreams, Kelly takes us through his troublesome childhood and his incredible journey to the top of the surfing world. Growing up in an unhealthy environment and ongoing family problems, Kelly shares his experiences and gut-wrenching adventures of what it takes to get where he has landed himself.

Kelly's true commitment and motivation is immensely inspiring as he eludes some incredible struggles throughout his whole career. His dream was an extended reach, but Kelly did everything and more in response to live his dream and become surfing's greatest legend and ambassador.

I could not believe how relative this book was to me, I felt upset as the bell rang in class, and I had to stop reading. Kelly explains an unbelievably great journey that really inspires me to really exceed my goals in life. It is amazing how much I felt that I was really talking to the author as if he was in front of my eyes.

This book is more suited for a surfer, but it is so interesting and exciting to read and unravel the adventures of Kelly Slater's career as the greatest surfer to ever live. I can almost guarantee that this book will truly inspire you to do whatever you feel like you are devoted to and anything you want to achieve in life

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