The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket

April 20, 2008
By Robert Eggers, Newbury Park, CA

In the novel series, The Series of Unfortunate Events, The Penultimate Peril, is definately one that stands out to me. If your looking for a book with adventure, excitement, and a different turn of events in every paragraph, you have come no further.

The story revolves around the Baudelaire orphans. These three mischievious orphans have been running from Count Olaf for 11 books already. Count Olaf, the notorious vilain, will not stop until he has the orphans and their fortune in his clutches.

Their adventure kicks off with a fast-paced taxi drive to escape the pursuits of Count Olaf's allies. They soon find out that they have to disguise themselves as flaneurs. Flaneurs are people who quietly observe their surroundings, intruding only when it is absolutely necessary. The Hotel Denouement is the penultimate, next-to-last, safe place for the orphans. As the Baudelaires travel in the enormous hotel, they find out secrets even they didn't need to know.

The author Lemony Snicket describes this book in a way that catches your attention. You won't be left with confusion of words or phrases. This book is a thriller with a twisted ending you'll not know is coming.

This novel is one that all people should experience. Well-written and flowing, its speaks exceptionally to anyone that has changed from one house to another. You will learn a lot from this novel, in more ways than one.

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