Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

April 19, 2008
By Sienna Toro, Newbury Park, CA

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer is a heart wrenching tale about Christopher Johnson McCandless, a privileged young man, who gives up most of his possessions to walk “into the wild”. After graduating college at Emory University in 1990 McCandless left his family and possessions and began his journey to the Alaskan Wilderness. Throughout his expedition he left his mark on a number of people who were all heart broken by his death in 1992. None, however were quite as troubled by Christopher's death as his family who had no idea of his whereabouts and had not heard or seen him since his college graduation two years earlier. Into The Wild was an amazing tale about a boy who wanted more out of his life.

Christopher McCandless was a wealthy misunderstood young man who felt little satisfaction out of material possessions. McCandless was raised in an upper class suburb in Washington D.C., by his mother Billie, and father Walt who he felt did not understand him. He also had a younger sister, Carine, who he was incredibly close with. In 1992 Christopher McCandless decided to leave a world that he considered superficial and create a new life for himself as Alexander Supertramp. Alex was a friendly young man who was liked by a lot of people, and even though he enjoyed to be around them, he liked to be alone a lot to think and was always questioning the world.

I feel Into The Wild is an amazing book. It is an adventure that is full of friendship and tragedy. I would recommend it to anyone who is into nature or wants to learn more about this brave young mans life. Into the wild is a thrilling tale and Krakauer portrays McCandless with such power that you feel like you know him and his family on a personal level, and truly feel for them when they learn of Chris' death. Into The Wild is a mesmerizing book that I highly recommend.

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