crabbe by william bell

June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Wilhelm schnotz
An ok book but lacking at points

Crabbe is a cook about an 18 year old boy who leaves his life of luxury in order to live in the wild. But he later finds out that he is not prepared to live in the wild and he finds himself totally confused. it is also about a girl he meets in the wild who has her own reasons to run away from home but he later finds out those reasons are not very good ones.

This book leaves the reader is suspense because the chapters them self’s also known as journals are short but the leave you wanting to keep on reading. If you think about this book and want to read it i would read it just so you can get a feel for it yourself.

This is a very good book but I feel it is missing a bit of good info that you want to read if you are interested in these book types then you would be smart to get this book. My final opinion on this is that if you feel you are going to read this book but you hate it and you hate the genre it’s in I suggest you start reading these types of books.

I don’t know of any books I could recommend to you but if you have any books you could recommend to me then do so and I will check the books out. I also feel that if anyone has any bad reviews about this book then I think you should look at your facts buddy because this book is very good.

One final thing I must add is if you like this review post a response but please leave all the douche bag comments out of there stating why I’m stupid and so forth please comment if you like this review ?

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