Heist Society by Ally Carter

June 12, 2011
By , Porter, IN
Have you ever wanted to just walk away from your life? Well this girl Katerina Bishop(Kat) walked away saying she will never go back. First, she has to save her dad, in Heist Society by Ally Carter. In a family business such as Kat’s there are dangers. Kat are used to being accused of crimes, but not crimes she didn’t commit. That is just what Signor Tachina is doing. So now its up to Kat and her team to steal back a mobster’s paintings before something really bad happens to her dad.

Katerina Bishop, also known as Kat, is in a family business, their business is crime, or more specifically theft. Kat never felt like she fit in with her family, she wasn’t beautiful like her cousin, or smart like Simon, she was just Kat. So that is why she, tried, to walk away from the family business. WW Hale the Fifth, also know as Hale, is a millionaires son that has some bad habits, he is a thief, a friend of the family you might say. He is a handsome, quick, smart, and a strong thief, one that might make James Bond jealous. Gabrielle is Kat’s cousin, but she is nothing like Kat. She is beautiful, well built, but not so smart. Simon is not rich, or handsome, or strong, he is small for his age, 16 year old, he wears glasses, he is clumsy, and, well, one of the smartest people in the world. He is the computer tech of the operation. Hamish and Angus are two brothers from London, they look nearly alike, and are Kat’s second cousins(sort of). Angus is the oldest of the two and just a little taller than his brother, they are both still growing. They use bad jokes and argue with each other, they are the muscle for the family operation.

There are so many characters in this book it is hard not to be able to relate to at least one. I relate to Kat because we both have cousins that we can not stand, large families, and we know at least one person that we have known forever. Even if other people do not have any of these mentioned similarities, if they have a family business, do not talk with their parents, like to break the rules, or just like art, they would be able to relate to someone. Each character is so different a reader can find one of the characters to relate to.

There are many internal and external conflicts per character in this book that it’s hard to count them all. A very bad mans paintings were stolen and he thinks Kat’s dad is the thief. The truth is, Kat’s dad couldn’t have stolen the paintings because he was busy stealing something else from someone else at the same time. Also Kat is trying to walk away from life as a thief. Hale(W.W. Hale the Filth) looks like he has no problems in the world, but his father is away at work somewhere across the globe, and his mother left when he was very young. The only person that has been with him for his whole life is his butler. Kat and Gabrielle are cousins but they can’t stand each other and now they have to work together to save Kat’s dad.

This book is one of my absolute favorite and the author is one of my favorites. This book is full of twists and turns and you can never guess what is coming next. In this book you learn with the characters and you don’t know what they will do next, it is almost like the book keeps secrets from the reader. So at the end you may still be wondering if the heist was fully successful.

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