Prep by Curtis Sittenfel

February 27, 2008
By Jessica Jenkins, Swarthmore, PA

A person who has gone through both a strenuous and seemingly misfit adolescence will find a lot of experiences to relate to in this book.

The debut novel for author Curtis Sittenfeld, the work presents the theme of teenagers trying to find their niche through the eyes of main character, Lee Fiora, who has been thrown into a posh boarding school where she feels entirely out of place and longs to fit in. It follows the poor decisions she makes just to conform and the people she hurts and learns from along the way.

Since Curtis Sittenfeld is still a young woman, her grasp on adolescent maturation is one of great insight and every high school student can find something that moves them or that they relate to in the book.

Although Lee is the main character of Prep, during the book we find her unlikable at times due to the decisions she makes in her best interests only. We watch her throw away meaningful relationships with girls who actually care for her. When she pines after the boy who will always feel above her, we grimace, yet understand. In a heated scene, we see her father so overwrought with frustration in his daughter's shift in character that he is moved to slap her; however, we cannot blame him.

Readers may find themselves convinced they completely connect with Lee Fiora and recognize mistakes they've made in her actions. Only readers who have completely opposite experiences or adults that may be too far removed from that time in their lives will see Lee for the pathetic and desperate girl she comes to be.
Curtis Sittenfeld's Prep shows that teenagers focus too much on measuring up to one another and in the meantime can lose sight of what makes them happy and where true meaning lies in their lives.

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