The Watson's Go to Birmingham by Christopher Curtis

June 3, 2011
By sevacka BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
sevacka BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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The author is an African American whose name is Christopher Curtis. His Technique of writing is unique and creative. The way he writes makes you as a reader laugh and actually think about your life. This is because in the book Christopher Curtis makes you as a reader connect with the characters. Some example are getting into argruements with your older and younger siblings. Another example is makeing mistakes that lead into harsh punishments. Christopher Curtis strengths are he's able to make the reader laugh and connet with the characters in the story. He's able to keep the reader entertain with his creativeness and comedian skills.
To me the author doesn't really have any weakness. But there is one in mind whch is the way he ends his stories. As a reader i really never understood the way he ends it. I say that because he never told the reader what happen to Byron in Birmingham. He also didn't include how Grandma was doing with Byron.
The book does a good flow or mix to it. I say this because because when reading the book i was always wondering what would happen next. My favorite events in the book are when Byron or the older brother tongue gets stuck to the cars window. Another event was when byron kept lighting matches on fire and momma found out, so she said that f he did it again she would burn his finger. so byron did it again and momma found out and she was ferious, but byron little sister saved him, she kept blowing out the match when ever momma lit one.

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