Feed Book One in the Feed Trilogy by Mira Grant

June 3, 2011
By hjch1 BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
hjch1 BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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I don't want to be blunt and just say I love Feed, but I will. I love Feed. It was like to stories in one, I congratulate Mira Grant on being able to basically put to stories in one, there is the initial story about the bloggers, Georgette “Buffy” Meissonier and Shaun and Georgia “George” Mason, doing there job, but then there is sort of another story about them in "the field" with the zombies trying to survive. What I like is in all this she never strays away from the plot.

As much as I loved Feed there were some semi-minor things that I didn’t like. Sometimes it seems like she doesn’t focus enough on the setting. The book takes place in 2040 or around that time, so a lot of it is super futuristic, so I can’t really think of a picture in my mind. The only time I can’t say she did this was in the barn scene.

I loved the idea of Feed too. The bloggers run the media. In the summer of 2014 dead people started running around and eating, or just biting, people. The presidential campaign even has “pet bloggers”. Even the idea that two things; that cured cancer, and cured the common cold, when put together could make people “zombies”, just blows my mind.

I read Feed in literately four days; I got it on Wednesday and finished it on Saturday. I would read it all night, and I soon became attached to the characters. During outbreaks I would yell at Shaun in my head to be careful, I begged George to please just go home. Feed might be a zombie book but I didn’t find it scary, and I get scared watching Halloween special on the Disney Channel. I loved Feed; it is a book I’d definitely recommend. A great read.

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