June 2, 2011
By wesman BRONZE, Parkcity, Utah
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In a great majority of AVI’s books the conflict is a character vs. character conflict. In: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The Man Who Was Poe, and the Traitors Gate, all the main characters are faced with an evil, greedy, and sometimes completely mad villain. All along the books the main character figures out why the villain is after them who else is involved then the then main character tracks down the villain, and saves they’re family members and themselves. Because of this exciting conflict AVI often start's his books with a lot of action, suspense and suspicion.
In The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle the character vs. character conflict is Charlotte vs. a very brutal and cruel Captain who hates his crew. At the beginning of the story charlotte knows that something is wrong with the ship due to some warnings from the crew, but at the time the captain seems like a very nice man. While at sea Charlotte doesn’t know who to trust although the captain is very nice. That is until charlotte witnesses the captain’s wrath after he discovered a mutiny revealed by charlotte herself. Horrified and feeling deeply guilty decides to join the crew.

Both starving they agree to buy some food with the last of the money they have. When Edmund returns his sister has disappeared from the room, even after he locked it. Frightened and despaired, he runs away from the apartment blindly and bumps into an odd man who seems to be a bit frightened himself and who helps him together they travel all around town and connect buttons, stolen gold and family twins to solve the mystery. In the end they find out that the evil man who set this all up was Edmunds runaway father. After he is taken out Edmund is able to save his family.
Finally the last book, The Traitors Gate is another one of AVI’s great and amazing character vs. character stories. In this book John Huffman’s father is accused of owing 300 pounds! To save his family John has to figure out if his father really owes the debt and if so why or if someone is just looking to get money in a very bad way. As John Investigates he finds out things he never knew and takes it the wrong way thinking his dad is a gambling fool. He also learns there are spies and traitors in his every day life even in his own home. The only thing is there has to be one mastermind behind it all Later uncovered as an Irishman who wanted John’s father’s rifling secret. While he uncovers who’s behind this all, John along the way he joins up with a few unusual allies. Even with the extra help it’s still very difficult to stop someone who knows you’re after them. In the end John for his hard work is rewarded with 300 pounds from a very unexpected source.
Even though all of AVI’s books have character vs. character conflicts, each conflict is unique. For instance in The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Charlotte is on a ship with an evil captain whose out to get her. While in the Man Who Was Poe Edmund has to save his family from his evil and greedy father who wants their money. So as you can see even though all the books have the same kind of conflict, each one is unique.
While reading these books I noticed all the conflicts had a similar base. They all have villains who want something from the main character or their family and do very cruel things to get it. They still also all have the same type conflict: character vs. character. AVI’s books, I think all very enjoyable because of all the action, mystery, and the fact that AVI doesn’t drag on his stories

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