Snatched by Pete Hautman

May 31, 2011
By diggysmall SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
diggysmall SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Have you ever read a book that is so good from beginning to the end? Have you ever read a book that the ending is so good that you want to read more? Well This Book Called Snatched by Pete Hautman Is So NOT like that. How About this, have you ever read a book that was good and interesting until you got to the end? Have you ever felt like the author could do better and not end it boring? Well I do. This Book Ruined it for me, the whole book was good and why does the ending need to feel so wrong.

Honestly it felt like a page-turner, I was so intrigued, it’s not even funny. This book is about a girl who is new to a high school and is going out with one of the most popular guys in the school. Then one day she disappears and the only people that actually went to investigate and go on an adventure is her friend and a girl she dislikes and the girl dislikes her as well. And they think that the boyfriend did it but there not sure, but there’s also more people in her life like her dad her mom her little bro and her step dad. This story is good, and it also keeps you thinking a lot but at the end you will feel like it was ruined and you will feel like you wasted your time reading it.

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