Eona: The Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman

June 4, 2011
This book was awesome. I loved Eon, but this was even more wonderful. The fascinating world Alison Goodman created grows even more complex and it draws you inexorably into the story until you are standing right there, watching the story unfold.

The wonderful, flawed characters are taken to new depths. Kygo is arrogant and fierce, as ready to kill you as look at you, but his brief, rare moments of compassion and humanity won me over. Eona had some spectacular moments of bad judgement, and she has to fight herself more than anything else. Not only are others attempting to hijack her will and use her as a weapon, but her own ambition could destroy her.

This book is all sharp, brilliant edges. Even such things as love, trust and hope can cut and make you bleed. This is not a comfort book to simply curl up with. This is a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat through all 600 some-odd pages. The ending was exhilarating and tragic and beautiful all at the same time. There was just enough room left for a third novel, but there doesn't need to be one. It was very nearly a perfect story.

I recommend this to lovers of semi-dark fantasy and wondrous new worlds. Neither Eon nor Eona are books to be missed.

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