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May 27, 2011
By JonDent42 BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
JonDent42 BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
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Slash. Hudson, Saul Slash with Anthony Bozza. New York: Harper Collins, 2007. 458 pages

Slash an autobiography about one of the famous guitarists in rock n’ roll history. Slash is famous guitarist for Guns n’ Roses he also joined another band later in his career called Velvet Revolvers with going both bands wasn’t what Slash thought, so he created solo project called Slash’s Snake Pit. If you want to know how one of the greatest guitarists started out in his life this would be great a great book to read. I learned that Slash’s life wasn’t easy as it anyone would think it was. Slash was my idol person I looked up to when I read some of things he has done you know it seems like he would never would have done that. “It seems excessive…but doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” I reminded myself of this quote reading this book because it does tell you things happen even when they are outrageous.

Saul Hudson, which we know as Slash, was born in Hampstead, England on July 23rd, 1965, and raised in Stoke-on-Trent his parents are Ola Hudson and Tony Hudson. Later in life Slash hanged around with people a bit older than him and became interested in BMX. Also Slash committed some things I wouldn’t believe he had done but I have to say it’s close enough what I have done. He started a band with Steve Adler which was drummer for Guns N’ Roses and later then Guns N’ Roses was created. Later in the book he leaves Guns N’ Roses and joins a band called Velvet Revolver. Slash played in there for a while then quit because of the complications again but he created his own solo project called Slash’s Snake Pit.
Slash is one of my greatest idols and some of the things he does are very excessive in the book. The thing I kept in my mind is the quote “It seems excessive…but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” Slash is just a regular person as all of us but I thought he got the worst of his days as a child and now an adult. Now Slash is living with his wife and two sons and rocking out still.
I believe this book Slash was on of the greatest books I have ever read. I don’t like reading biographies that much but this just took me into Slash’s life. Slash may have had his hard times just like I do and Slash relates to how I am now. I have to say that one of my quotes of life from Slash will have to be “It seems excessive…but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” because as me and Slash things seem like it but can’t take back what was done. I highly recommend if you want a great biography to read this is what you would love!

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