The Way Back to Mayberry by Joey Fann

May 27, 2011
By Starrlee09 BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
Starrlee09 BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
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The Way Back to Mayberry. Fann, Joey. Nashville, Tennessee: B&amp;H Publishing Group, 2010. 180 pages.
The book The Way Back to Mayberry is an interesting book because it gives so many secrets away. However, you’d have to watch the Andy Griffith Show to understand because that’s all this book talks about. This book has a lot of quotes related to life and it’s easy to grasp the concept of what is going on and how they handle situations. On an honest note, I’d rate this book 4 stars it was great and I recommend reading it.
At the beginning it reveals that the first episodes of The Andy Griffith show were changed and modified to fit the personalities of the actors to make the show seem more interesting. The writers have rearranged a lot of things and words mainly for the best regards to the audience. They talk about the rehearsals and some personal details like Barneys’ girl friend and some family situations. Such a small town back in the day but that came with a lot of responsibilities.
Opie takes on the responsibility of having a new girlfriend, and getting a new dog. Can he make time for both of them while having time to do his chores and homework, or will he have to make a sacrifice? That’s a tough answer that you’ll have to read the book to find out. The book has a lot of “cliff hangers” so once you start reading you won’t want to stop.
Opie and his new friend from the neighborhood, decide to play a joke on Gomer by putting a walky talky under his caller making him think the dog can talk. Gomer runs to Andy saying he’s going to sell his dog and make millions for being the first guy in the world to have a talking dog. The way that ends really hilariously but it’s something you’d have to read to understand. As I was saying, this book is amazing and very interesting so take the opportunity to read The Way Back to Mayberry and experience the secretive adventures.

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