Genghis Khan by Brenda Lange

May 27, 2011
By Darklord5647 BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
Darklord5647 BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
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Genghis Khan. Lange, Brenda. Place of Publication: Philadelphia publisher Chelsea house publishers, Date of publication: 2003, 95 pages

Genghis Khan by Brenda Lange is a biography about Genghis Khan. In this review I will be giving a brief overview and my opinion. This book tells the amazing story of the Mongolian empire the stretched almost across all of Asia. This majestic empire was led by no other than Genghis Khan. Some people that this book was probably meant for were history majors, students, and anyone wanting to learn about Genghis Khan.

My opinion about this book is that it gave a very good description about Genghis’s rise to power. I really enjoyed this book because I like to read about past wars and battles. The theme that I found was that if you set your mind at something you can achieve it. The reason being is because Genghis Khan became the leader of one of the biggest empires in history and won many wars.

I believe the book achieved its goal of describing the life of Genghis Khan. The author gave very direct details about his rise to power and his leadership. Leaders of modern day could learn a thing or two about fighting wars by learning about one of the greatest warriors and leaders ever.

I believe that the book could have given a little more time on the battle scenes because when you read them you got the main idea but it did not go deep enough for me. I have not had any experiences related to this kind of story but you may have. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did and remember to keep reading.

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