American Outlaw by Jessie James

May 27, 2011
By Molly117 BRONZE, Elkview, West Virginia
Molly117 BRONZE, Elkview, West Virginia
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And eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

American Outlaw. James, Jessie. New York, New York: Simon and Schuster Inc., © 2011 Jessie James, 358 Pages.
The book American Outlaw by Jessie James was really exciting and gave a lot of details. I thought it was interesting to learn about Jessie James, because I knew nothing about him other than that he’d been married to Sandra Bullock and cheated on her. So, before I decided to not like him, I decided to read his book.
Jessie James grew up in Riverside, California, and his childhood was very violent. He matured really quickly because of his situation at home. He began robbing stores in the Riverside Mall with his friend Bobby when he was about twelve years old, and when he was about 17 he went to jail for the first time. Jessie never had a good relationship with his parents, and he said that affected some of the choices he made as a teenager.
The rest of the book goes on to explain his marriages, kids, and what he did with the rest of life. (So far.) He got married three times, and none of his marriages have worked out. (His second wife was, like, crazy.) He has three kids, named Chandler, Sunny, and Jessie Jr. He’s now CEO of the West Coast Choppers motorcycle company. He has appeared on the shows Jessie James Is a Dead Man, Celebrity Apprentice, and Monster Garage, and well as the documentary: Motorcycle Mania.
The book over-all was really interesting, and I think anyone interested in Jessie James, or learning about punks growing up, would enjoy this book.

The author's comments:
I didn't think Jessie James would be a good writer, but he surprised me with his work. It was very intriguing, and I would reccomend it to just about anybody. (Unless you're not okay with profanity.)

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