Mocking Jay by Suzen collins

May 26, 2011
By schwatzanator BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
schwatzanator BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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The Mocking of Mocking Jay

You know third time’s the charm. Or that the best things in life are last. Well someone should have told Suzanne Collins when she wrote the last book of the hunger games series Mocking Jay. The lack of interesting things in this book is only compromised by the horrible and tasteless way that she kills of her characters. The last book of this series is disappointing and aggravating.

The story starts with katniss reviewing the burning apocalypse that befell her home. With her precious district burned to smithereens and her lover taken to the capital to be tortured and possible killed. A normal person would have broken down, but no katniss will rise above and save her love, wrong. The survivors of the fire are brought to the legendary district 13 is reveled and the elders chose her to be the figurehead of the rebellion. The Mocking Jay. Will she crack from the over baring pressure of the job… you bet. As they enter the hell of the capital they are put into a maze filled with crazy traps. Will all the characters you know and love survive the adventure, nope. Will they all die in stupid and unappealing ways, yep.

Don’t get me wrong this book has its good points. There are some crazy twists and turns in the end and the middle. But what really let me down was the way that she wrote the book. I guess that the first version of this book must have been very short because most of the book she spends drunk on drugs or going through an absolute mental break down. I mean she is he worst figure head ever, who would follow some one that can’t even take care of her self. Also the way that she kills of some of her characters can be really annoying. I mean in the first two books her character profile was a wild women that could take care of her self, but that character changes to a depressed little girl that
Has emotional breakdowns every five minuets and is pulled along like a puppet by heart-felt characters that in the end are slaughtered.

One of the most unbearable things is the book is how almost all of the events in the book are totally unpractical that they are even out side imagination. A trap that makes a huge hole in the middle of the side walk? Iguanas with nice smelling blood? Black gunk that covers everything? Wouldn’t a big land mine be a little more practical? These are just some of the stupid ways that the characters you love die. Also even though they have a big high tech army with them they still are using bows and knives. What happen to all the guns?

Over all if I were you I would not read this book at all. Instead you would probably have more fun and make a better ending if you just made up the ending yourself. The story is slow, then fast, then slow, then fast. It basically gave me mental whip lash. The ending except for one totally random and inappropriate death that made me go “what the hell!” was pretty satisfying. Perhaps if Suzan Collins spent a little more time writing the book this may of actually been read able without having to bang your head against a wall. When deciding to read this book “may the odds ever be in your favor”.

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on Oct. 11 2011 at 4:19 pm

This book was amazing!!! It was really good compared to the other two. Plz reply. :P                    


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